Care and Support

The care and support we provide at Kas di Kurason are tailored to the individual, making it possible for anyone requiring assistance to have a wonderful and carefree vacation. When you book your stay at Kas di Kurason, we will assess your needs and create a personalized vacation experience to meet your specific requirements.

The range of care and support we offer includes, but is not limited to:
  • Personal care
  • Daily living assistance
  • Support for individuals with intellectual or physical disabilities
  • Assistance with wheelchairs
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Support for children with behavioral challenges
Apart from providing you with our in-house care team, Kas di Kurason collaborates with various organizations to meet your healthcare needs as optimally as possible.
Our goal is not only to provide care for individuals in need of assistance, but also to support caregivers, parents, and partners, ensuring that everyone can have a great and relaxing vacation. To achieve this goal, we offer a variety of services, including babysitting and adult companion services, relaxation massages, aquatic therapy, and physiotherapy sessions.
 Additionally, we offer assistance with practical matters such as:
  • arranging car rentals
  • booking excursions
  • making lunch and dinner reservations
  • grocery shopping
  • arranging breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner on location.

*Please contact your health insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for nursing care and support.

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