Beach Wheelchairs

Kas di Kurason offers two beach wheelchairs making it possible for people who are wheelchair dependent or have difficulty walking to go to the beach and even enter the water!
You can rent the beach wheelchairs and hire an assistant (if needed) during your stay.
Ingrid can provide professional aquatic therapy to aid in physical rehabilitation or for those who struggle to partake in other forms of physical activity due to low level mobility.
Aquatic therapy can be helpful because:
  • the water provides a safe place for relearning different motor skills and retraining the body regardless of the current mobility level.
  • it makes exercise possible for those who are unable to participate in more conventional forms of exercise
  • it helps relax and rehabilitate injured muscles
  • it reduces stress and pain in different muscle groups
  • it helps boost immunity
If you’re interested in learning more about aquatic therapy or participating in an aquatic therapy class, please feel free to ask Ingrid about this during your stay.
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